The Edible Bus StopTM presents

Roll out the BarrowsTM

Roll Out the BarrowsTM is a playful collective of mini wheelbarrow gardens, all lined up and ready for action. Inspired by the forms of roller coasters; the plants flow round the space inhabiting and animating it to create a place for interaction and engagement.

Plants often get a rough time in the demanding show garden world, however, our installation offers them light relief and time to enjoy themselves before answering their call of duty to go out into the city and help different communities transform their little patch of London. The installation aims to demonstrate the need for edible growing spaces in the city, the sanctity of green space in public and illustrate how much one can actually grow with very little space, whether that be a garden, balcony, window box or even a wheelbarrow.

The project is curated and presented by The Edible Bus StopTM - an organisation originating as a guerrilla community garden, adjacent to a bus stop in Stockwell, South London. A formally neglected space which has been transformed into a thriving garden and urban village green to become the first Edible Bus StopTM. Our vision is to produce gardens that promote harmonious spaces, creating landmarks of local pride.

The core of our ethos is the belief that a brutal landscape makes for a brutal outlook and that by taking responsibility for our forgotten public spaces we can collectively improve upon the experience of inner city living. By gardening together and enjoying these community led growing spaces, conversation is encouraged, barriers are broken down, skills are shared and sense of local empowerment and vested interest in a neighbourhood is nurtured alongside the gardens. Our community gardens will not sit out of sight in isolation but will be part of a network, galvanising the immediate community. We rely on volunteers to look after the gardens. To make this happen we need YOU! If you’d like to help transform public spaces into places of edible inspiration please get in touch:

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The Team Behind the Installation

Latest Images from the Southbank

Check out the progress of the Roll Out the BarrowsTM installation as we update our photo gallery over the next few months.
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Bagsy a Barrow

We need volunteers to help tend to the garden and if you're a community or dedicated individual that wants to be involved with the project and tend to a barrow throughout the installation duration (until 8th September) then we'll award you with a lovely colourful wheelbarrow with it’s edible contents to take back to your plot at the end of the summer to green up your own part of London.

The Edible Bus Stop's Twitter competition to 'Win a Barrow

To win a barrow you must via Twitter, tell us how many planted barrows there are at the installation site? (including the satellite seating areas) and tweet a fun photo of you at the installation!

Rules: You must follow @EdibleBusStop on Twitter. You agree that your photo and twitter name can appear on our website and may be retweeted. You agree that we have the right, should we chose so, to use your photo for marketing purposes for The Edible Bus Stop in future. (We will not sell your photo to a third party) We have absolute final word on who wins. This will be decided on the number of planted wheelbarrows being correctly noted AND what we deem to be the most charming / funny / or simply whacky photo tweeted at us!

Competition closes: September 1st 2013. The winner must be able to collect the planted wheelbarrow on September 8th or send someone who can. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a delivery or storage service.

Contact Us

If you want to volunteer to tend a barrow or simply find out more informaton then please email

Additional Project Support by

[+] Wheelbarrows supplied by Haemmerlin

The beautifully coloured wheelbarrows featured on the roller coaster are from Haemmerlin ltd, the UK’s market leader. They are great for gardeners being robust yet lightweight, and a suitable for any jobs in the garden. Find these, and other wheelbarrows from the extensive range offered by Haemmerlin at

[+] Soil Enhancer supplied by Carbon Gold

The plants are being helped along their joyful way with GroChar Soil Improver from Carbon Gold – enriched biochar which naturally holds on to nutrients, retains moisture and supports root growth for thriving, healthy plants. Find out more at

[+] Moisture Retaining Gel and Fertiliser supplied by Westlands

The Water Saving Gel is an advanced water holding system that has the  capacity to hold 400 times its own weight in water.

The gel is mixed with compost and the water given to plant is absorbed in the gel and released as plants need it.

Gro-Sure All-Purpose Slow Release Plant Food is suitable for all plants and feeds for up to 6 months due to the specially formulated granules that are activated by warmth and gently release nutrients to your plants over several months.

Find out more at

[+] Growise Compost supplied by Bord Na Móna

: The compost used to grow the plants in the wheelbarrows is Growise Tub & Basket, it's ideal for planting baskets and containers to make really eye-catching features of gardens large and small. This compost contains a high level of plant food plus moisture retaining gel to produce the perfect conditions for all containerised plants, maintaining steady, healthy growth all season. Find out more at

[+] Plants supplied by Cleeve Nursery

Our feature is filled with a mix of easy to grow plants. Most are edible and can be grown in very limited space and in any reasonable sized container. Amongst other plants the barrows contain: Red Russian Kale, Marrows, Nasturtiums, Zonal Pelargonium, Borage, Viola, French lavender, Rosemary, Purple Fennel, Shiraz peas, Golden Marjoram, Beetroot and Tumbling tomatoes. Visit

[+] Additional Support by Unit Eight

With special thanks to the awesome collective of creatives at Unit Eight for sharing their space. 
Unit Eight - Collaborative Workshop Space