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Following on from the success of our Breaking Down Barriers installation for the London Design Festival 2016 (LDF), we return to the #LDF17 with ‘Take a Seat’ a Headline Event featured on the Brixton Design Trail  – celebrating public seating with a dramatic Razzle Dazzle transformation.

‘Razzle Dazzle’, is a camouflage technique that was developed for warships in WW1. It’s an unlikely form of camouflage, as it draws attention to the ship rather than hiding it, disrupting its outline, altering perceptions of it. With disruptive thinking as part of our teams’ creative process, our aim is to draw attention to public seating, encouraging discussions about how we engage with and congregate in public spaces and whether they are user-friendly for all age groups and demographics.

‘Take a Seat’ is a celebration of public seating and the role it can play in creating positive social interaction and cohesion. By painting the seats we want to draw attention to how we dwell in public space and relate to each other. Can design play a positive and meaningful part in that? Our intention is to get people to slow down, take a seat and maybe strike up a conversation, via the seats transformation, to the person sitting next to you.

See the map at the bottom of this page for the exact whereabouts!


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