Don’t Take a Fence

35 Queensdown Rd, E5 8JQ

Client: Electric Star Ltd

Project Status: Complete

Sector: Private

Don’t take a fence! Tasked with providing growing space and a barrier for the patrons of the Star on Hackney Down public house, we designed and delivered a fluted growing fence. The design clads the existing metal railings to fashion shelter and growing spaces. The fence varies in height flipping from side to side, arching round the pub to create seclusion for the pubs clientele.

It is made of predominantly recycled materials and the flutes planting features assorted perennials, herbs and strawberries. The pubs staff take care of the plants, with the lovely Mario being their chief champion. The fence has been well received by the patrons and locals alike, many who wrote in supporting it’s construction to the local planning department.




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