As part of the evolution of the ‘Grow: ’ concept, we have developed a prototype modular system of temporary growing spaces and independent business units. These easily transportable elements will provide an instant transformation to any location.

These modular systems of growing beds and street furniture, which have been developed with our partner engineers, address the requirements of projects on an individual basis. our aim is to grow and green both communities and businesses.

Each unit is unique and prefabricated to the specification of the client and to meet the needs of the destination community. The units can be lifted directly into location, minimising disruption and the need for unnecessary site traffic or disruption. The business units can be tailored to work with each site, tessellate easily to form larger installations and can be relocated with ease.

By acting as a catalyst for ideas, this modular system offers a solution to reinvigorate our high streets and animate ‘meanwhile’ opportunities. It creates a space for everyday use and equips small businesses with accessible and low cost units that provide daily services in a neighbourhood enhancing setting.

For the London Festival of Architecture – LFA 16, the illustrations shown on this page imagines the Grow: testbeds situated on Store Street on the Crescent outside the New London Architecture Building.



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