The Edible Bus Route

322-bus route (Clapham Common to Crystal Palace)

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The Edible Bus Stop® (EBS) project is creating London’s first Edible Bus RouteTM. Neglected and disused sites situated on the 322-bus route (Clapham Common to Crystal Palace) are being transformed into design-led community growing spaces and thriving neighbourhood hubs. At present, two Edible Bus Stop ‘Pocket Parks’ have been realised (the ‘Kerb’ garden, the ‘Hoopla’ garden),  with a third (‘The Edible Bus Station’) thriving with enthusiastic local support.

Each EBS develops through a 3-stage process termed E.A.T: Engage the community, Animate the existing space and Transform the site through design. The first EBS site arose as a guerrilla gardened community response to a planning proposal to build on the neighbourhood’s one piece of open space. The Edible Bus Stop Ltd founders’ vision to make the space permanent, combined with the belief that implementing good design would manifest a positive impact on the wider community, drove the project forward. Each sites’ design is informed by its contextual attributes, combined with community feedback from consultations. Where possible, available materials, or existing landmarks, are utilised or referenced.

The impact of the E.A.T. system encourages pride in the community and a sense of place. Volunteers take on the responsibility of the gardens upkeep, in addition to enjoying its harvests. The process allows for the sharing of skills, an appreciation of the seasonality of food growing and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Open to all, the gardens are inclusive and help to make a neighbourhood feel safer.

The Edible Bus RouteTM utilises an existing transport infrastructure to create a network of unique growing spaces. With approximately 17,800 bus stops in London, there is huge potential in the scheme. Multiple Edible Bus Routes will create green corridors that can connect communities, enable the sharing of resources, whilst greening the grey. And the bees love them too.

London's first edible bus route




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