The Edible Bus Stop has been recognised by the Royal Horticulture Society, 10 Downing Street, Olympic Local Leaders 2012 initiative, Observer Ethical Awards, Mayor of London, The South Bank Centre, The Telegraph’s ‘Gardening Against the Odds Awards’, The Observers ‘Ethical Innovators’ column. We were shortlisted in Countryfile’s Magazine 2013 Awards in the ‘Britain’s Favourite Gardens’ category. In September 2013 we presented our collaborative vision with Carl Turner Architects at The Royal Academy having been shortlisted for the Architecture Foundations ‘London as it could be now’ design brief, and had our entry exhibited in Richard Rogers ‘Inside Out’ exhibition.

The commonality between all our projects is they are design led, inclusive and playful. We aim to put a smile on your face and inspire you to get involved.


“This fantastic new ‘pocket park’ has turned this small corner of Stockwell into a plentiful oasis of calm and produce for the whole community to enjoy. It is the first of many similar mini transformations to come across the capital. By making the most of our small, and often forgotten, outdoor spaces and providing greenery and meeting places we can make London an even better place to live, work and invest in.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson


“We’re really excited to be funding these projects – they look fantastic and the Assessment Panel were unanimously in favour of funding them.”

Lisa Bennett – Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, Environment, Greater London Authority


“This is a fantastic project, the people living around here have done a great job in turning a neglected piece of land into a gardening project that has improved the area and brought people together.”

Cllr Imogen Walker, cabinet member for Environment and Sustainability London Borough of Lambeth


“Most people would not have the determination nor the energy to take this kind of initiative forwards for long enough to allow it to come to fruition. The determination and confidence in their product lies beneath a smiling exterior which is completely disarming. Theirs is a lesson for us all. There is no doubt that this endeavour is of invaluable worth to the community, but persuading local authorities of the need to look beyond the balance sheet is sometimes seemingly impossible. Nothing is impossible to this duo, though. They are an inspiration and thoroughly deserve support from us all.

Annie Maw – Chairperson of the National Gardening Show, Former High Sheriff of Somerset, on judging panel for The Telegraph’s ‘Gardening Against the Odds’ competition.


“With charm and persistence, the Edible Bus Stop team have not only won over local communities and London Transport, but also that bastion of the gardening establishment, the Royal Horticultural Society.”

Ruth Jamieson – Guardian Gardening – The Edible Bus Stop: Transforming urban space one stop at a time


“We have always been impressed with their integrity, focus and with the originality of their work.

Many a lesser organisations would have thrown in the towel when faced with the challenges – often thrown up by the establishment and authorities – that this small incredibly dedicated team have and continue to face. Their immense dedication is perhaps the main reason that we, (Cleeve Nursery) have and will continue to support this exciting professional small team.”

Alan Down, Proprietor of Cleeve Nursery and Western Daily Press Horticultural Correspondent.


“I love it ”

Will Alsop OBE RA


“One thing that jarred during the Garden Museum event, was the suggestion that what Britain needs, is more “Josh and Robs” to propel such ideas (Josh and Rob being the co-founders of Friends of the High Line). I found this quite difficult to swallow. I have met many British Joshes and Robs – people who have created wonderful projects such as the Edible Bus Stop in south London, which consists of community vegetable gardens in the pavements by bus stops.”

Tim Richardson – The Telegraph – A High Line for London’s all very well, but what about the Low Line?


“You are at the vanguard of vegetable activism”

Tim Richardson


“Fabulous Idea!”

The Duchess of Northumberland

“TfL is a major funder of public realm improvements but instead of just spending the money in an ad hoc way on pure transport projects, we worked within very small geographic localities through our Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme to co-design improvements that would have real meaning and benefit to local people. We worked hard to involve a wide range of local people using a range of traditional and new involvement techniques and ensured that local councillors played a key role in getting a breadth of community involvement. As a result of this approach the projects that have been co-designed have included traditional improvements such as changes to traffic or parking priorities, but also more innovative solutions like pockets parks, the Edible Bus Stop, guerrilla gardening and community art. Resident satisfaction with the projects is high.”

Lambeths Equalities Excellence Narrative – Page 11 – Published Feb 2015