The Edible Bus Stop

The Edible Bus Stop is a London based award winning Landscape Architecture and Design Consultancy.

We utilise a multidisciplinary process, with our team tailoring their skills to meet the ambition of each client & project. We are provocative & playful in our methodology, whilst remaining pragmatic & principled in our approach to the design, detailed engineering elements & delivery of each project. Our mission is to transform spaces into design led active places in both permanent & temporary settings, inspiring a wider audience to engage in social & environmental issues.

We transform challenging spaces into design led active places in both permanent and temporary settings. Our projects are diverse and creative, whether that be a pocket park in a Victorian street in Stockwell, installations at the Southbank Centre or a concept design at the former Athletes Village ‘London 2012’. We explore designs that create landmarks, demonstrating that good design is not socially exclusive.


Our diverse projects make us an adaptable studio. We work across many disciplines to achieve the best result for our clients. We have created a niche in the market where we work with different partners at all levels of each project.

Meanwhile and temporary intervention has become an ever prevalent part of urban design and this is something the EBS specialise in. By animating temporary spaces, through inspired design, we can enable conversations about their future permanent uses.  We are firm believers in the importance of the ‘third space‘ within communities. Free, accessible, inclusive neighbourhood places, for locals to congregate and mix, regardless of social standing. This in turn informs our proposals. We produce designs that are landmarks, utilising and responding to an areas specific environment, identity and heritage. We balance this with the budget and client / community needs. We also particularly enjoy re-imagining and re-working ordinary off the shelf products in inventive ways.


From the initial consultation with a client, we employ a hands-on approach in developing a project. We oversee all elements, from the design, the graphic identity, through to bespoke engineering, logistics and onsite project delivery.

We look for new opportunities to explore our innovative design ideas – whether that be self initiated concepts or receiving invitations and tenders to lead or collaborate on new and existing open spaces. We believe that communication is key, utilising a variety of methods to promote a project and encourage interaction and integration. We provide a conduit that bridges the local community and the clients needs, as all to often there is a disconnect between these parties.


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